Plus One

This dude, this unearthly creature, is breaking open a roll and dusting crumbs off his jacket like he’s some kind of normal person. He’s got hair the color of whiskey and cheekbones you could hang off of. And my place card is right next to him.
    God bless you, Emily, I think I’m so sorry I made out with your husband. I mean, I felt bad before. I just feel really bad now. But then Christophe McBeefcake looks me in the eyes and I don’t even remember who Emily is.
    Blue. A shade of blue that would make the water off a white sand Mexican beach suddenly feel a little bad about itself. Lashes so thick and dark I think I could get stuck staring at them forever. I’ve actually stopped walking just so I can properly stare.
    “Jiminy Christmas, who is that?” I sigh, only a little aware of Wyatt by my side.
    “Your future husband, from the look on your face,” quips Wyatt.
    “Oh Christ,” I turn away. “am I being that obvious?”
    “Nah, you’re fine,” he assures me and I flag down more champagne. “you might want to pick your panties up off the floor though.”

My new story, Plus One, is up for sale!

Plus One Cover 4

This is the second in the Wedding Slut series and features a smoking hot threesome. I’m very proud of it and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. (I may have *ahem* taken some breaks while writing.) Click on the photo to buy directly from the publisher. Or you can buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords!

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