Cold Feet Now Available!

The final installment of the Kat McKinney, Wedding Slut series is now on sale. Looking for something to spend your Amazon gift card on? Look no further. Don’t have an Amazon gift card? Get it super cheap today at the Stillpoint Digital’s website.

Cold Feet Cover final draft 2

Kat is once more a bridesmaid. For her cousin. In Brazil. What more could a self-proclaimed wedding slut want, right? Except that the groom-to-be is Dan. The one who got away. The one man Kat can actually imagine standing in front of an altar with wearing… Well, maybe not white. But a wedding dress. Or part of a wedding dress. Kat finds that sometimes it’s difficult to choose between what’s right and what you really, really want.

This will be the last in the series….at least for now. I like writing Kat and have some other story ideas so if she proves popular, I may bring her back, but for now I want to focus on something darker and kinkier.

Still, I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s been a delight to write a romantic heroine who’s funny and sexy, romantic but sensible, and sexually adventurous without being shocked by every new adventure she has (a weirdly recurring theme I’ve noticed in the genre.) It’s also been fun to write someone who’s always struggling to do the right thing, even though she’s not very good at it and someone who’s constantly striving for love even while she’s not sure it exists.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy the next series as much or more!

BDSM Tropes That Make Me Want To Safeword.

It’s weird that I’ve written a fair amount of erotica, but very little kink erotica. I’m pretty damn kinky and I’ve been in the BDSM scene for a pretty long time so it’s a little weird that I’ve mostly published vanilla stories. So I’m working on changing that. My greatest strength as an artist seems to be exposing the most vulnerable parts of me and it’s time I brought that into my erotica. BUT FIRST I thought I’d read some popular kink erotica to see what people like and what I did and did not like about it. I downloaded the two most popular kink erotica stories on Amazon, one I loved and one I was so bored with I couldn’t push myself into reading more than three chapters (which is, somehow, how long the first sex scene took.)

I’ll be honest, I’ve read *some* of the really well known kink erotica and I have hated most of it, to the point where I couldn’t finish it. I’ve read parts of Venus in Furs, The Story of O, 120 Days of Sodom, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and 50 Shades of Grey. I finished none of them, mostly for the reasons I’ll list below but sometimes it was just because I didn’t like the writing or didn’t share the writer’s kinks. I read all of The Story of the Eye but I’m still not convinced that it was meant to be sexy. Conversely, I’ve read the Kushiel’s Dart series about a million times and always love it. I’ve also had my share of pantsfeelings while reading Steven King novels so… maybe I’m just weird.

There really is no accounting for taste when it comes to kink. Kinks are super specialized and what one person finds incredibly sexy, another person will find gross or boring or just plain odd. So take everything I say in this post with a grain of salt. I have tried to stay away from judging specific kinks and, rather, tried to stick to criticizing writing tropes that bug the hell out of me.

Hurting People Who Don’t Like to Be Hurt: There’s a LOT of erotica out there that involves inflicting pain on people who aren’t masochists. Why? Seriously, WHY?

You know that, as a writer, you totally get to choose whether or not your character is a masochist, right? Like, literally everything about them is something you get to make up, so why would you make up something that makes them not enjoy the ostensibly erotic acts you will have them engage in? Maybe this is just not a kink I am into. Maybe I am breaking my own rule and judging someone’s kink. But… most of the kinksters I know prefer it when their partner likes the things they do to them. Actually, that’s true of most of the *people* I know. So why is this such a common trope? I think it turns up in every classic BDSM novel I mentioned not having finished and maybe that’s why I didn’t finish them. It really creeps me out. It also seems to always end in the bottom inexplicably loving it anyway. I just don’t get it. I’ve had scenes that were about pushing myself and taking more pain than is enjoyable and they were good, they were cathartic, but they weren’t sexy. The only way they ended in orgasm is if my top switched over to something that *did* get me off.

How many vanilla erotica stories have the narrative thread of “The sex was terrible and painful and I hated every moment but then I orgasmed anyway so yay?” My guess is zero many. In most vanilla stories two people want to have sex with each other, they overcome whatever obstacles are in their way and then they fuck and it’s great and everyone comes. Hooray! So I would really like if that was more common in kink stories. If you want to play with competing sensations (Dom is doing two things, one feels good, one feels bad, the confusion and conflict is sexy!) or conflicting feelings about something that feels good (I shouldn’t like this but I do! Why am I like this?! the confusion and conflict is sexy!) go for that! That would be a really interesting, and probably sexy, story!

Two dimensional characters: She’s submissive so she must be mousey, sweet, quiet and innocent, not too sure of herself, low on self esteem, right? He’s dominant so he’s always in control, confident, arrogant, brooding, cold, and probably has a troubled past, right?


This trope is so over used and boring it just makes me want to punch things whenever I read it. One of the things I LOVED about The Invitation was that both of the characters are cocky but thrown off their game a little because they’re SO into each other. The sub is confident and slutty and just happens to like getting thrown around a bit during sex. One of the things that keeps me reading Kushiel’s Dart again and again is that the characters have layers. Phedra absolutely loves pain but her feelings about her masochism change in relation to her different partners and situations. It should go without saying that your characters shouldn’t be cookie cutter stereotypes but here I am, saying it anyway.

Staying on the subject of character…..

The Tortured Past: Oh My God can we please stop this trope right now PLEASE? Not everyone who survived abuse is kinky. Not everyone who survives abuse is some broken winged bird that needs to be healed by the love of a good person. People who survive abuse are exponentially more likely to be abused again or become abusers themselves. That’s not sexy, it’s tragic. Can you write erotica with characters who have been abused? Yes, totally, but you *really* need to know and understand the issue and treat it with sensitivity and make it important to the story, not use it as a catchall kinky origin story. Think twice about having a kinky origin story at all. There are people who can trace their kinks back to early experiences but those experiences are rarely exotic; they were turned on by a comic book or a tv show, their dad was distant, their parents got divorced, their first crush pulled their pigtails on the playground. But more often than not, they just like what they like and don’t really know why. Some people just like feet. Let them just like feet.

Dubious Consent: If dubious consent is your kink, that’s fine but I want to address the very shady definition of consent in much of the kink erotica I’ve read. I see a lot of lip service paid to consent in these stories. Lord Blackpants McDommlydom makes a big speech about consent and how the sub is always in control and here is your safeword yadda yadda but this is usually preceded or followed by them saying or thinking something to the effect of “I will make her like what I like” or “I will push your limits, I will break your limits, you will have no limits with me!” Which kinda defeats the point, ya know?

I know we’re supposed to think that Lord Dommlydom is such a good dom that his sub will just magically love everything he does to her but come on. Corporal instruments don’t turn into magical orgasm sticks in the right hands. They just don’t. The right hands can make an implement feel *better* than the wrong hands. Well trained hands certainly make an implement *safer* than untrained hands. But if you don’t like caning, you don’t like it.

Conveniently Lord Dommypants is never into anything all that freaky. He likes spanking. He likes mild bondage. He likes anal and some light corporal. Who doesn’t, amiright? (yes, I know plenty of people don’t like those things) But life isn’t that simple. People’s kinks don’t always match up perfectly. In fact, they usually don’t match *perfectly.* Kinks are as individual as the people that have them. That’s totally fine and not an impediment to awesome kinky sex.

What if you show consent rather than telling it? What if your sub says “um… could you maybe not pee on me?” and your Dom says “Sure, there are plenty of other sexy things we can do!” or maybe your Dom says “You don’t seem to be into this flogger, would you like to try the cane instead?” Or even just having your Dom say “Do you like that? Good! Here’s more of it!” would go a long way toward establishing what consent actually looks like.

Boring Kink: Ok, spanking, corporal and anal aren’t boring. They’re great! They’re really really fun. There’s a reason they’re so popular. But the world of BDSM is SO MUCH MORE than spanking and maybe kinky erotica can branch out a little. Maybe it has and those stories haven’t hit the mainstream yet. Or maybe they won’t because of the very unique and intimate nature of BDSM erotica, but I would love to see more fetish cross pollination in erotica. Broaden your horizons! Learn about new fetishes, delve deeper into the world of rope bondage, figure out why someone would be turned on by giants or chloroform or dinosaurs or whatever. BDSM is a big world, write the hell out of it.
That said, I would love to read more current kink erotica. Read any good porn lately? Put your recommendations in the comments!

Jack Comes Home

While I’m really psyched to be selling some stories, I feel a little bad about not posting them on here anymore. So here’s a chapter from a book I’m working on. It’s not as explicit as the stories I’m selling, but i think it’s good and it works on its own. I hope you enjoy it!


After the war ended, the dance halls were flooded with veterans drinking and dancing away the trenches. And Jack was with them, tall and strapping, the stars gone from his eyes. Continue reading “Jack Comes Home”

Virtual Release party for Never a Bride

Ready for some threesome-themed fun?
On July 31, we”ll be releasing KD West’s collection The Visitor & Other Threesomes, and Mary Cyn’s latest tale of nuptial naughtiness, Never a Bride! Join us here for the fireworks. We’ll be giving away ebooks, audiobooks, and print books — one of OUR favorite threesomes!
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Never a Bride:

Never a Bride Cover draft3

Meet Kat McKinney: Marital Aid
Kat doesn’t envy her married and to-be-married friends. Really. Well, maybe she envies them the party. And their ability to be sure of someone. Maybe that.
But if some of those married and to-be-married friends want to include her as a third from time to time…
Well, who is she to disappoint them?
The third story in the Kat McKinney, Wedding Slut series.
(F/F/M ménage à trois romance. Adult readers only.)

The Visitor & Other Threesomes:
It’s the the world’s oldest fantasy.
Most of us have fantasized about being with a pair of lovers. Some of us have been lucky enough to live the fantasy.
KD West brings you a collection of steaming hot tales of friendly mènages — a girl and two guy friends becoming… much more.
Includes some of Stillpoint/Eros’ hottest titles in every sense of the word, including all of the stories in Three for Three and The Visitor Arrives.
(MMF threesome romance, bisexuality, explicit sex. Adult readers only.)

Plus One

This dude, this unearthly creature, is breaking open a roll and dusting crumbs off his jacket like he’s some kind of normal person. He’s got hair the color of whiskey and cheekbones you could hang off of. And my place card is right next to him.
    God bless you, Emily, I think I’m so sorry I made out with your husband. I mean, I felt bad before. I just feel really bad now. But then Christophe McBeefcake looks me in the eyes and I don’t even remember who Emily is.
    Blue. A shade of blue that would make the water off a white sand Mexican beach suddenly feel a little bad about itself. Lashes so thick and dark I think I could get stuck staring at them forever. I’ve actually stopped walking just so I can properly stare.
    “Jiminy Christmas, who is that?” I sigh, only a little aware of Wyatt by my side.
    “Your future husband, from the look on your face,” quips Wyatt.
    “Oh Christ,” I turn away. “am I being that obvious?”
    “Nah, you’re fine,” he assures me and I flag down more champagne. “you might want to pick your panties up off the floor though.”

My new story, Plus One, is up for sale!

Plus One Cover 4

This is the second in the Wedding Slut series and features a smoking hot threesome. I’m very proud of it and I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. (I may have *ahem* taken some breaks while writing.) Click on the photo to buy directly from the publisher. Or you can buy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords!

Wedded Bliss now available on Amazon

Hey guys,
I hope you’ve enjoyed these stories, infrequent as they may be. If so, good news! I’ve found a publisher who wants to publish my stories in digital and audio book form. We’ll be publishing stories from here, and also expanding on the characters and themes from these stories. So I’ll be writing more and for just 99 cents you’ll be able to read these stories on your e-reader or computer.
And in the not to distant future you can have me on your headphones, whispering these filthy fantasies in your ear.

Wedded Bliss Cover 2

Pick it up on Amazon now!


I keep thinking this should be part of something larger. But I kinda think it’s just a very short story.

We were out together, just the three of us, celebrating their engagement. I was happy for them. I was. They were a great couple, perfect together. But I ‘d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious. Not of their engagement. Not exactly. There was no one I wanted to be engaged to. It was their ability to be engaged. To be that sure about someone. To be that sure about anything. I wanted that. I wanted to be sure of something. To think ‘yep, I’ve got that. I’m happy with that. And I will continue to be happy with that for the rest of my life.’ I don’t even know how you do that. I don’t think I know how to be that sure.

We piled into a cab and I ended up in the middle. I don’t know how I ended up in the middle. I didn’t mean to, I just did. We were drunk. And for a while it was fine. But then I felt… aware, somehow, that I was touching my friend’s fiancee, like, a lot of him. Our bodies were pressed against each other because, you know, small cab. And that… that was fine. It was… whatever. It happens. But then I felt his touch change. It became tentative, tender, tainted with longing. And I knew. I knew as sure as instinct. The way that you know you’re hungry. The way that you know you’re in danger. I knew that he wanted me. As much or more than I wanted him.

For a second I saw the affair unfold; the hesitant touches, the trapped and longing glance, the inevitable, breathless, crushing, conclusion. I saw it stretched before me, a bittersweet aria of lust and longing and doomed love. I would stay silent over drinks, devastated by the blue of his eyes. I would have dinner with the two of him and be haunted by the taste of his cock in the back of my throat. I would keep my mouth shut because they were better off together than he with me. My love has an expiration date and theirs… Theirs might actually last. I saw all this sweet, sad, passion laid out before me and all I could think was

“Jesus Christ, not again.”

Unmarketable No More?

A story that was formerly on this site is now available as part of an e-book.

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